Air Conditioner Services In Malaysia

As a professional air conditioner services provider in Malaysia for more than 20 years, who are determined to offer the best customer experience, all of our technicians are well trained and equipped with the necessary skills and experience to undertake effective installations, repairs, cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning system for both residential as well as commercial). The quality of our installations, equipment and also the systems adhere to the highest levels when it comes to workmanship, and at par with the industry standards in Malaysia.

Our professional air conditioning services teams offer proper coverage of air conditioning service, air cond troubleshooting as well as the effective repair support to our customers in most of the area throughout Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur and also Klang Valley. Other than that, we handle every single project with professionalism and seriousness. We are confident that the quality of our air conditioner services will definitely meet your expectations.

Here are air conditioner services that we have to offer throughout Malaysia:-

1.  Air Conditioner Cleaning
2.  Air Conditioner Repairs And Maintenance
3.  Professional Air Conditioner Installations
4.  Cleaning of  air cooling systems
5.  Air conditioning systems modification
6.  Copper piping insulation replacement
7.  Flush condensate air conditioner drain pipe
8.  Replacement of air-cond components, parts, and accessories
9.  Electrical saving consultation
10. Refrigerant gas level check
11. Periodic checks on temperatures and running pressures.
12. Regular checks on mechanical parts
13. Greasing, repair or replacement of faulty parts.
14. Evaluation of system performance data for enhanced efficiency
15. Periodic replacement of filter driers and air filters.
16. General maintenance of system and equipment.